#sherinspiration going BIG for 2017

some of you have noticed that my #sherinspiration insta-posts have become intermittent over the last monthish. let me first say, i apologize. i let you down. i didn’t live up to my civic duty. but there’s good reason…

2016 forced me to start my own website featuring my work. i was feeling unfulfilled and thought a website could boost me in the right direction. it did. i landed an amazing job and put my skills to good err’day.

i didn’t put my old website on blast since it was more of a showcase of my past/present work, but i felt so satisfied putting it all together. it turned out damn good too. but the millennial in me still wanted more. i continuously and cautiously day-dreamed about starting a blog around #sherinspiration. i loved the positivity + excitement it brought to people.

so. i’m rolling my sleeves up + diving right on in with a new site. with my #1 fan on my side [shouts to my main, B], #sherinspiration is going BIG in 2017. follow along if you please; you’ll be seeing a lot more of me. cheers!




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