i’m iranian and i’m not a threat to democracy – the refugees, immigrants + muslims aren’t either. here’s where my head is at:


friends, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend as an iranian-american. my heart has been extra heavy and my brain has been in a fog. my relationships have been strained. before i share what’s been going on in this over-worked brain of mine, i want to share this:

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if you sit on the other side of the isle: let me take you to coffee. let us have a discussion. let me ask you the questions i ask B every single day. allow me to better understand you. i want to continue to be well-versed and well educated. i want to speak with truth, love and openness. 

i am iranian + i am the child of immigrants.

my parents moved to the united states (s/o #landofthefree) in the mid 80’s during the revolution from iran (hint: with visas). lucky for me, i was born in the land ‘made for you and me.’

with that being said, my family is american, just like yours. do you fear me?

so why do i care about what’s going on?

because djt is instilling fear to thousands of americans about some of the best, most hardworking people who could enter the country. immigrants and refugees move to the u.s. with near nothing to start new lives for their families (specifically families like mine, hi, and your ancestors, duh). people gain visas (through an already vetted process) to pursue travel, education and new work ventures.

families, children and adults who are now banned from entering the u.s. are not the individuals who should be feared.

to be clear, the odds of an american dying as the result of an act of terrorism carried out by a refugee is 1 in 3.64 billion (ugh.)

again: america does not stand for this. it never has. we do not fear the unknown and we open our arms to welcome the homeless and the broken.

here are three things you can immediately do to help fight djt’s #muslimban:

  1. donate to the american civil liberties union who have put up a lawsuit calling the executive order unconstitutional.
  2. call your lawmakers. they can’t undo this, but they can put pressure on the administration. don’t forget to say thank you.
  3. speak up + support. this is not the america we know and love! use facebook, instagram, and twitter as your vehicles to get your voice amongst your friends + family members. if you know anyone entering the u.s. w/o permanent residence from a country on the order, share this.

together, we must stand + resist. love will win. every time.


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