vulnerabilities will lead to strength…eventually, right?

Vulnerabilities Come Strength

hi vulnerabilities, nice to meet you.

i’ve always struggled with vulnerabilities. physically, emotionally, and constantly. i became vulnerable about my vulnerabilities at some point. with strong calculation, i knew how to guard them and myself at all times.

am i living in an ideal scenario? probably not.

i can go on. i can be negative. but let me save you the whines. more so, let me make sure i don’t make myself too transparent.

i’ve been working on loving others + myself more than ever. i’m trying [really hard] not to feel exposed or attacked. i’m cautiously make sure that i don’t twist words to hurt myself when that wasn’t the sayer’s intention.

do i need to work on myself? yes. will i continue to do so? of course.

in all, i’m hoping that my strengths shine more than ever. preferably, sooner than later, but hey, who’s counting? i want the very same for each of my friends, too. i’m in such good company and i’m finally showing up to bask in it.


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